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New Marketplace offers better search, Group Buying and Sustainable Alternatives

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Looking for chemical raw materials at great prices? We’re helping local and overseas suppliers to offer great deals on their raw materials on our re-launched ChemCloud marketplace.

You can browse well-priced excess stock from local suppliers, share deal codes with colleagues to get better purchasing power and discover sustainable alternatives for certain products

Everyone is feeling the pain of three years of volatility

Three years of extreme volatility has caused pain for manufacturers of raw materials, local distributors and local product manufacturers.

  • Overseas manufacturers are starting to ramp back up to full capacity, and with freight rates normalising, we are seeing a drop in the landed price of many raw materials and overseas manufacturers who want to get back into the market
  • After two years of ‘stocking up’, many local suppliers have slow moving stock tying up capital and space in their warehouses that they want to move.
  • Local manufacturers are feeling the pinch from two years of high raw material costs and rising energy bills, and looking for more sustainable products

Our new marketplace helps suppliers move stock and buyers access great pricing

ChemCloud marketplace now offers better features for procurement teams looking for well-priced raw materials:

  • Great deals on excess stock: Discover slow-moving raw materials at great prices
  • Group Buying: Share deal codes with colleagues to get access to better pricing
  • Full Container Deals: See the landed price for full containers
  • Sustainable Alternatives: Browse sustainable alternatives to your current raw materials

If you’re a supplier looking to list products on our marketplace, please get in touch!

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