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Instant Quotes - Fully delivered prices in seconds

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Do you try and get three quotes for most of your raw materials - then find yourself waiting days to get responses back so you can make a decision?

Make a decision in seconds with ChemCloud’s new Instant Quotes feature

  • Get a fully delivered price for products within seconds - from multiple suppliers
  • Place order instantly - and get your procurement tasks done in seconds, so you can focus on more important work

Speed of decision making is so important for procurement managers and production planners, who have a million things to do

Procurement managers can be managing procurement for hundreds, sometimes thousands of SKUs

It’s important to constantly scan the market, to make sure you’re getting the best pricing and availability in the market

Currently quotes from suppliers is all done on email… and can take days or even weeks to get a response

Account managers at suppliers do a great job in being responsive, but if they are on the road or away from their desk, getting pricing can take days

Procurement managers suffer, as they wait for responses - all the while production deadline is getting closer

This puts pressure on the procurement and production functions, and also wastes time!

That’s why we’ve released Instant Quotes - make a request for a product, and get a fully delivered quote within seconds

It doesn’t have to be this way!  Pricing is no longer as volatile as it was during COVID, and we believe pricing should be at the fingertips of procurement mangers, so they can make decisions quickly

With the Instant Quote feature, if a product has a lightning bolt icon, it means you can receive an Instant Quote

  • Fully delivered quote within seconds
  • Ability to place order immediately
  • Option to wait for more quotes if pricing doesn’t hit the mark

Stop waiting for emails, and start getting Instant Quotes on ChemCloud!

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