Our Mission

We are accelerating the positive impact of the chemical industry by digitising its ways of doing business.

Chemicals play an essential role in our daily life

They are part of everything around us. From the clean water we drink and the detergents we clean with, to the fertilisers that help grow our food.

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The Problem

Procurement processes haven't changed in 25 years

For such an innovative industry, the majority of procurement is done manually, with hours spent on manual tasks.

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    Sifting through emails

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    Chasing deliveries

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    Juggling phone calls

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    Managing orders & quotes in different formats

The Impact

Buyers and suppliers waste time on admin rather than innovation

Buyers waste time and money sourcing their inputs, and have difficulty discovering new suppliers and technologies.

Suppliers have a high cost to serve and don’t have time to proactively grow their business.

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The ChemCloud app

The Solution

A digital procurement marketplace that automates your workflow

Buyers can manage all procurement in a central place, then check out, pay and track orders online.

Suppliers can create 1-click quotes, enjoy streamlined payments and have delivery taken care of.

Why it’s important

Chemical innovation will power a more sustainable future

By streamlining the procurement process, ChemCloud helps our customers focus on innovation.

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Electric Vehicles

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Advanced polymers and dielectric fluids will drive our electric cars

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Green Chemistry

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Sustainable, bio-based fuels and renewable ingredients will power the world's transition away from fossil fuel technologies

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Circular Economy

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Advanced chemical recycling technologies will transform plastic waste into reusable raw materials, driving a circular economy for plastics

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Clean Energy

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Chemical innovation allows solar panels and wind turbines to convert the power of the sun and wind into energy

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Why Us?

Our team combines years of chemical industry experience with digital product expertise from some of the world's fastest growing tech companies.

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David Wright


David managed his family's industrial chemical manufacturing business, and has seen firsthand how chemicals can drive product innovation and delight customers.

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Hector Williamson


Hector has worked with ASX20 companies to improve their procurement processes while at BCG, and built and launched digital products for one of Europe’s largest fintechs.

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