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Australia’s Plastics Mission

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Australia is on a plastics mission. And chemical recycling is going to play a part.

The Federal Government’s National Plastics Plan for 2021 — released in May — has been designed to show a pathway to the creation of a sustainable, circular economy for Australia’s plastic resources.

Australia has a plastics problem. Australia now produces 2.5 million tonnes of plastic waste each year, of which 84% is sent to landfill. It presents a huge and increasing environmental challenge.

The Australian Government has identified that a solution to this problem will require multiple strategies across the entire plastic life-cycle. Part of the solution, it has noted, is in advancements in chemical recycling to process contaminated plastic material into reusable raw materials.

It means that the chemicals industry is going to have a large part to play in tackling this global challenge. As Chemistry Australia has noted, the Australian chemistry industry will be on hand to provide material, technology, knowledge, research and innovation-based solutions to help achieve the objectives of the National Plastics Plan.

The team at ChemCloud looks forward to helping the industry drive this vision.

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